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I like to make music. I focus most of my energy on a punk/hip-hop/ska act called Panic Dance (www.myspace.com/pan icdanceuk) but I also make experimental music (usually childrens music for Adults) to quench my thirst.. Hope you enjoy!

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Posted by breadpunch - April 19th, 2011

Ok so it seems i'm severly neglecting the tight little following that I had but have probably lost here on NG. Please just know that I'm an uber busy guy and am planning on a fuck-tonne of new audio. I actually have lots written, lost a lot more over xmas when my hard disk explodededed.
Just wanted to say I'm sorry but I genuinely will make a glorious return!!!


Posted by breadpunch - March 20th, 2010

Hello all, I seem to have gathered a little following in my 2 year absence.. Let me just announce I'm back and working on more tracks to upload to newgrounds. I've improved infinitely since my last submission and have now my own recording studio with which to create.

Just letting you know, watch this space. I shall avenge my own death!!!


Posted by breadpunch - April 6th, 2008

Take a listen and use my audio as you like (as long as you keep it non-commercial and give credit to me)
and if you need something specific for your animations feel free to ask me, I'll do it for free :)

A list of my audio skills and equipment are below.

I'm pretty good at:
*Reason 4
*Little Sound Dj (software that turns my old Gameboy classic into a tracker for some great 8-bit sounds)
*Probably more that I'm forgetting

and can play the following instruments to a suitable degree:

*Guitar (bass/acoustic/electric, all styles from metal to funk to classical)
*Piano/Keyboard/Synth (From Techno to classical to pop/rock)

I have a fully working 16 track recording studio in my bedroom (it's portable since I can record onto a DAT when I'm not around my computer) and have a great collection of Microphones.
Shure Shotgun Mic
1 Shure PM58 Vocal mic
3 other mics but I forget their name
I also have a dictaphone which gets some great clipping and low budget effects
I have a megaphone too for effect and several types of pedals and shizzle to get crazy sounds.

Mind you I'm about to start doing my exams for my final year of University (I'm taking Quantum Computation, AI and Neural Networking and Programming Language Design and Implementation.. So don't get angry if I don't finish your requests in a day)

What ever style of music you want just ask me, all I can do is try :)


I'm taking Audio Requests

Posted by breadpunch - August 24th, 2007

Just letting people know that I have some audio up and available for anybody to use.
Saw my happy feet audio was used in Thwomps: The movie 2
and would really like to see some of my stuff in other animations.

Please let me know what you all think of the audio, I have some great animations coming soon as well.


New audio submitted!