Entry #1

New audio submitted!

2007-08-24 06:12:23 by breadpunch

Just letting people know that I have some audio up and available for anybody to use.
Saw my happy feet audio was used in Thwomps: The movie 2
and would really like to see some of my stuff in other animations.

Please let me know what you all think of the audio, I have some great animations coming soon as well.


New audio submitted!


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2007-08-24 10:17:16

Just took the time to listen to all your audio.
I liked all the songs, Moon Shoes rocked the most. I like the fact that you create music to inspire happyness. Great work =]

breadpunch responds:

Thanks a lot indigoApe, I've never really bothered to share my music before other than on myspace (which receives very little attention) and I'm very happy that people have taken a liking to it. =)


2007-08-29 17:11:10

Hey dood. Stole my happy feet rox. thanks for crediting me,

breadpunch responds:

lol no problem man, thanks for using my stuff!
I liked the animation, should have been longer tho cos it was hella funny