I'm taking Audio Requests

2008-04-06 08:48:35 by breadpunch

Take a listen and use my audio as you like (as long as you keep it non-commercial and give credit to me)
and if you need something specific for your animations feel free to ask me, I'll do it for free :)

A list of my audio skills and equipment are below.

I'm pretty good at:
*Reason 4
*Little Sound Dj (software that turns my old Gameboy classic into a tracker for some great 8-bit sounds)
*Probably more that I'm forgetting

and can play the following instruments to a suitable degree:

*Guitar (bass/acoustic/electric, all styles from metal to funk to classical)
*Piano/Keyboard/Synth (From Techno to classical to pop/rock)

I have a fully working 16 track recording studio in my bedroom (it's portable since I can record onto a DAT when I'm not around my computer) and have a great collection of Microphones.
Shure Shotgun Mic
1 Shure PM58 Vocal mic
3 other mics but I forget their name
I also have a dictaphone which gets some great clipping and low budget effects
I have a megaphone too for effect and several types of pedals and shizzle to get crazy sounds.

Mind you I'm about to start doing my exams for my final year of University (I'm taking Quantum Computation, AI and Neural Networking and Programming Language Design and Implementation.. So don't get angry if I don't finish your requests in a day)

What ever style of music you want just ask me, all I can do is try :)


I'm taking Audio Requests


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2009-01-25 14:42:39

Hi I think you have the makings of a gifted musician. I especially love your 'The Day I found the CD' music. Just keep doing stuff and I'm sure you'll leave a mark in the music industry someday. Good luck! Hope you did well in the exams too by the way! :-D


breadpunch responds:

Sorry for the late reply mate but thanks so much for your words! I aced my exams and have settled in a decent job with a good recording studio. :) I like your stuff btw!
I just uploaded a new track if you fancy a listen.


2009-02-04 12:10:43

Listen to a band named insomnium =)
listen the their songs
The Gale
In the Groves of Death <if you want to read the lyrics to this one, they're great
and in the halls of awaiting
Get a feel for the sound of these works and make something that you think sounds like it =)
the genre is Melodic Death Metal


2009-02-05 12:17:39

you sure make awsum song's :DDD ..

breadpunch responds:

Sorry for the late reply.. But still, thank you so much for your kind words!! =D


2009-02-07 21:46:54

FCUK lol


2009-02-08 01:53:32

DUDE! Your songs give me this good feeling and make me happy :D
keep up the great work!

breadpunch responds:

I know this is late.. But thank you :) That's exactly what I wanted to do with this music! I have a new track that I feel will make your insides burm with warm juicy happiness!


2009-02-08 12:02:32

I have taken a great interest in your works, and I assure you that I'm not just here for the requests. I do, however, have a few questions as to how you actual compile your works, stages and processes for example. I too also use a few products you've listed, such as Audacity, Keyboard, and Sony Vegas. I'm going around asking several artists how they get inspiration, style development, and time for their works. My request is pending, for I still need to acquire my audio clips. I shall be in touch.

breadpunch responds:

Hey, I used to base everything in Reason although now days for my recordings I use Pro Tools and just use Reason through rewire and treat it as a synth. I have tonnes of plug-ins for a lot of mixing and mastering.
I can write out a longer reply, if you're still interested (I realise that your comment was left over a year ago) then hit me up with a private message and I'll share everything I know with you!


2009-02-09 15:38:51

ive listened to a bit of your music
and i was wondering if you could do something for me
a piece of music based on my account name
do with it what u will, but try and make it good

kk thanks